NSR’s 10 Takeaways from SATELLITE 2021

Can LEO Meet the Changing Arctic’s Connectivity Needs?

Global warming, and a changing geopolitical landscape, create opportunities for a host of countries that are quickly ramping up both civilian and military developments in the Arctic.

The Case for Asset-Based Financing for the Space Sector

Cruise Connectivity Expects Progressive Gains in the Coming Years

OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson Talks Executing Operator’s Ambitious Connectivity Vision

SATELLITE 2021 is Over, Looking Ahead to 2022

Design Constraints and Integration Challenges Drive the Search for the Perfect Antenna

Marketplace Interest in Laser Communications Grows as the Technology Matures

Companies that Ignore Diversity Will Lose Out, Leading Women in Space Say

Ground Segment Faces Upheaval and Transformation With the Entry of Cloud Giants

Hughes, OneWeb and Yahsat: Industry News for Sept. 10

Inside the UK Space Sector’s Renaissance

In the wake of Brexit, OneWeb’s shakeup, and a pandemic that wreaked havoc on the economy, the United Kingdom is emerging as a space and satellite-industry powerhouse. Even Queen Elizabeth II is intrigued.

Operators Seek Diverse Business Models to Add Value

Pentagon Works to Adopt Mature AI Capabilities for Satellite Communications

Upcoming Wave of Demand and Customer Requirements Push Changes in the Launch Landscape

Richard Branson Looks to the Future of Flight as His Space Journey Comes Full Circle

Kymeta and Eutelsat: Industry News for Sept. 8

Mynaric, TriSept and D-Orbit UK: Industry News for Sept. 9

Venture Capital Visionaries Examine Today's Booming Space Investment Landscape

Rules of the Road: New Policies Are Needed to Manage Space Traffic and Debris

Manufacturers Seek Deeper Relationships With Suppliers to Avert Supply Chain Crises

Bharti Mittal Announces OneWeb Strategic Agreement With AT&T

Satellite Needs More Collaboration to Reach its Full Potential

Operators Balance New Space Excitement With Closing the Customer Business Case

Customer Demand for Simplicity Drives Ground System Complexity

LEO, Capacity Trends, and Ground Tech: Industry Leaders Debate the Issues of the Day

Clint Crosier Stands Up the Space-Cloud Nexus With AWS

Back at SATELLITE: The Industry Emerges from Quarantine

Analysts Examine Industry Trends for SATELLITE 2021

Gwynne Shotwell and the Mission Extension Vehicle: Satellite Executive and Technology of the Year Recap

New Inmarsat CCPO Jat Brainch Details the Company’s Revamped Approach

Ground Segment Aims to Fly High in the New Space Environment

The satellite industry is moving toward higher performance in lower orbits. Here’s a look at what the ground segment is doing to meet the challenges of the multi-orbit era.

Ground Segment Moves Toward More Flexible Equipment to Meet New Satcom Requirements

Nine Satellite CEOs to Watch in 2021

Via Satellite highlights nine executive leaders to pay attention to as we move forward into the future space economy.

Sustaining the Race to the Top in the Commercial Space and Satellite Sector

How Suzi McBride Keeps Iridium Focused and Forward-Thinking

Iridium COO Suzi McBride talks about how Iridium plans to deal with incoming competition, and how the operator will fit in with an evolving space industry.

Satellite Manufacturing in the Era of Mass Production

Unprecedented automation, software-defined designs and modular systems: New levels of innovation are on the rise in tandem with LEO satellites.

SATELLITE 2021 Preview: It's Time to Get Excited

Will the Space Force Fix Military Space Acquisition?

The newest military branch was formed to improve the way the U.S. military buys space systems. Two years in, is the Space Force moving in the right direction?

Back at SATELLITE After 18 Months

The Top 10 Hottest Satellite Companies in 2020

As we get set for a new decade, we bring back one of our most popular features listing the 10 hottest companies in satellite. For this year’s list, the editors of Via Satellite selected 10 new companies from a range spanning traditional powerhouses to start-up entrants. Here are the companies we have chosen.

Facebook Connectivity Exec Charts a Path for Collaboration With Satellite

Facebook is one of the most recognized companies, with a mission to connect everyone. In this interview, Dan Rabinovitsj, Facebook’s vice president of Connectivity, shares how satellite technology can play a role in Facebook’s mission to connect the world.

Examining How Satellite Can Combat Climate Change

Teleport Digitalization Will Keep the Ground Segment Versatile

Uber-ization of Ground Stations: The Small Satellite Market’s Enabling Aggregator Wave

Liftoff! Launch Forecast for the Year Ahead

As global economic activity recovers from an extended slowdown, companies across the satellite sector are returning to their normal activities. For launch vehicle operators developing new rockets, the impact of 2020 was not uniform. Many of the development plans experienced delays, but the push to first flight and market entry continues. The question for many is, what does the launch market look like going forward?

Satellite Data’s Role in the Fight Against Climate Change

Satellites provide an invaluable, bird's-eye view of planet Earth. But how — and how quickly — will the data materialize into meaningful actions?

Our 10 Hottest Satellite Companies Revealed

The 10 Hottest Satellite Companies in 2021

Via Satellite’s annual “must-watch” list returns with the year’s most ambitious and buzz-worthy space companies. Will they meet our high expectations?

WorldView Legion: A New Era in Actionable Earth Intelligence

KLM Exec Talks Viasat Deal, and Today's IFC Ecosystem

Consumer Habits Simplify the IFC Business Model

Understanding the Pieces on the Board in the New Satellite Game

Bandwidth Pricing Flattens the Curve to Meet Faster Falls

Analyzing Short to Long-Term Trends in Satellite Capacity

From widebeam megahertz pricing to HTS gigabits to ultra-local supply and demand LEO factors; technological leaps drive the need to assess pricing in new ways.

The Promises and Pitfalls of SPACs for the Space Economy

Partnerships are Key to Satellite’s Future

In-Flight Wi-Fi Demand Set to Soar as Airlines Fly Out of COVID Storm

In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) providers have felt the sting of serving one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most are confident, however, that the effects are temporary and as air travel returns, demand for on-board Wi-Fi will be even higher than it was before the global health crisis.

Satellite's Window of Opportunity in Backhaul and 5G

Oman Air Exec Shares What the Airline Needs From Satellite

Global Entrepreneurs Practice Their Pitches for Startup Space 2021

Startup Space entrepreneur pitch contest has become both a must-win for the aerospace industry’s new entrants and a must-attend for its most active investors. In this feature, we introduce you to the seven companies looking to make a splash at Startup Space 2021.

US Military Places a Bet on LEO for Space Security

Over the next two years, the Defense Department will launch the first of hundreds of small satellites populating Low Earth Orbit, that can directly link to and benefit from the megaconstellations being built by SpaceX, Telesat, and other commercial vendors. Its level of success could radically change the military satellite industry.

African Space Leaders: Unified Policy, Existing Infrastructure Boosts the Region's Bargaining Power

European Commission LEO Initiative Begins to Take Shape

Telcos Say Relations With Satellite Providers Strained by High Prices, Value Chain Confusion

In Rare Gathering, Asia’s Leading Satellite Executives Outline Future CapEx Plans

Increased Customer Expectations are at the Heart of Satellite's Mobility Debate

Financial Services Matures as a Market for Satellite Imagery

Big insurance and financial services firms have used satellite Earth Observation imagery for a decade or more, but over the past few years the market has ballooned — driven as much by advances in Earth-bound technology as by changes in orbit. A new generation of startups now sell subscription-based access to geospatial data, adding value to satellite imagery with cloud-based AI-powered automated analytics, and offering a menu of services tailored to industry use cases.

A Conversation With Gwynne Shotwell, 2020 Satellite Executive of the Year

Ground Segment Manufacturers Face Changes to Leverage Constellation Potential

Digital LEO Forum Shows an Inflection Point for the Industry

Space-as-a-Service Propels the Industry to Space 3.0

Iceye and Swiss Re Deal Charts the Future of Satellite and Insurance

Satellite Technology of the Year: Northrop Grumman and the Future of In-Orbit Satellite Servicing

Air Canada is Banking on LEO Technology, Exec Says

OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson Talks Telcos and Terminals

Gwynne Shotwell, Northrop Grumman’s MEV-1 Win Satellite Executive and Technology Awards for 2020

Operators Spar Over Satellite Broadband Market Size

How Space is Moving Toward a Democratized Future

New LEO Constellations Drive Tech Changes on the Ground

SpaceX’s Shotwell Says Starlink Will Reach Every Rural U.S. Household in 5 Years

Maritime End Users Discuss Satellite Connectivity for a Post-COVID World

Via Satellite Continues Streak of High-Value Interviews

Brexit’s Impact on ESA Customs, Duties Privileges, and Immunities

The Rise of the Indian Satellite Market

How Software-Defined Satellites Will Shape Communications

The future will be driven by flexible satellites that can refresh and reconfigure themselves on demand. Startups and legacy satcoms are ready.

Speedcast’s New CEO Joe Spytek Wants to Transform the Company Post-Bankruptcy

Case Study: Emirates Influencer Talks Future of IFC

'I'd Bet on Telesat' — Dan Goldberg All In on Lightspeed LEO Play

Satellite Technology of the Year Nominees for 2020

Satellite Executive of the Year Nominees for 2020

Big LEO News Continues to Dominate Sector

Government Space Budgets Surge Despite Global Pandemic

The Case for Small GEOs in the Coming LEO Space War

Satellite’s Growth Outlook Improves in 2021

Industry Must Break the Logjam on Responsible Use of Space

Pay-TV Operator Execs Discuss Satellite Television in the 2020s

Satellite IoT Tech's Role in Vaccine Distribution

2020: A Year of Dramatic Change in the Satellite Industry

Sunil Bharti Mittal Talks Renewed Faith in 'Hidden Gem' OneWeb

The FCC’s Path to a U.S. Nationwide 5G Rollout Gets Lost in the Thick of Rural America

NSR's 14 Predictions for Space in 2021

Hidden Gems and 2021 Predictions

Satellite Companies Confront Supply Chain Challenges in the COVID Era

The Year of Disruption Comes to an End. What will 2021 Hold?

Free Internet is a Must: El Al’s Tal Kalderon Talks IFC as Airlines Look to Rebound

It Was Supposed to be a Perfect Match: An Autopsy of Three Failed Satellite Industry Takeovers

How Space Startups Survived and Investors Thrived in a Year of Unknowns

Satellite Technology Leaders Discuss What 2021 Will Look Like

Everyone loves an upgrade, whether it’s the latest iPhone or a new car. Satellite customers also want more from their technology partners. But, what do they want and what will satellite technology players deliver in 2021 and how do they see the market for new technology in wake of the new normal?

Flying Under the Radar: Space and Satellite Industry Leaders to Watch in 2021

Case Study: How Satellite Helped Create a State-of-the Art Emergency Services Network in the UK

Third Party Liability and Insurance Innovation in the Smallsat Era

Poland’s Space Sector is Young, But Achievement is on the Horizon

Looking Back on the Seismic Year That Was 2020

日本の宇宙スタートアップ市場が開花 (Translated: Japan's Space Starup Market Blooms)

5 注目すべき日系宇宙関連スタートアップ企業 (Translated: Japanese Space Startups to Watch)

Africa Unites its Diverse and Rapidly Growing Space Industry

Regulatory Sandboxes Spur Innovation in the Space Sector

Japan’s Space Sector, a Study in Innovation

Cybersecurity Influencers React to Space Policy Directive 5

Japan's Space Startup Market Blooms

Reaching Every Opportunity with Satellite and Backhaul

5 Japanese Space Startups to Watch

What's at Stake for Commercial and Civil Space in the 2020 Election?

Satellite Cyber Influencers Discuss Evolving Landscape

In September, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a Space Policy Directive establishing the first comprehensive cybersecurity policy for space systems in the U.S., a landmark piece of space policy that will play a key role in the protection of U.S. space systems and assets. It shows the importance of keeping space based assets secure. The question now, is what the satellite industry can do to make sure it stays ahead of the curve.

Righting the Ship: An Interview With Maxar CEO Daniel Jablonsky

Is Consolidation the Path to Growth for Satcom Operators?

10 Ways AI is Making a Difference in the Satellite Industry

Satellite leaders share in their own words how they are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make a difference in the industry.

IFC: Now Is The Time To Look Beyond Passenger Sessions

Wistful for Paris

Can Satellite Operators Change the Narrative of DTH Decline?

Summer Winds Down, Fall Brings New Questions to the Industry

HAPS: A Satellite Operator’s Big Investment in the Stratosphere

Shipping Companies Survey Connectivity Question in the New Normal

Connecting commercial and cruising ships has been a strong growth market for the satellite industry over recent years, as companies in this sector have seen their needs for connectivity spike up. However, as COVID-19 has hit, every sector has been impacted in some way. How will the marriage between satellite and maritime evolve as a result?

Industry’s Top CEOs Examine Incredible Start to 2020

2020: A Turning Point for Chinese Commercial Space

The European Green Deal Brings Opportunities for the Satellite Services Industry

OneWeb Makes Headlines Once Again

From Imagery to Insights: The Commercial Case for Geospatial Intelligence

Leading Medical Experts Believe Need for Satellite in Healthcare Will Expand

ESIMs in Motion: A Gigantic Leap Forward for Mobile Ground Systems

Satellite’s Enhanced Role in Space-Based Healthcare

COVID-19 and the Small Print

Restart Your Engines: Launchers Recalibrate After Pandemic Pause

Satellite Players See Backhaul Market Ripe for Further Growth

Backhaul Vertical is Key to Satellite's Future Success

Navigating Maritime Connectivity in Turbulent Waters

Back to the Mission: Post-Traumatic Recovery for the Satellite Industry’s Workforce

Telcos Talk Bluntly About Satellite’s Backhaul Future

Making Sense of the New Virtual World

Mobility Market’s Post-Pandemic Predictions Remain Positive, For Now

Bandwidth Pricing: How Low Can it Go?

The Industry Begins to Feel the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Top 10 Technology Trends Expected in 2020

From the Frontline: Italy’s Fight Against Coronavirus, With Satellite

Startups’ Post-Pandemic Survival Depends on Timing and Investor Quality

Satellite Operators Adjust as COVID-19 Sweeps Normal Life Away

OneWeb's Red Flags Were Easy to Ignore

From Liftoff to Chapter 11: Inside OneWeb's Final Weeks

Tom Choi: OneWeb’s Failure Will Dent New Space Investment

Industry Leaders Sound Off on OneWeb's Collapse

In the Eye of the Storm: Greg Wyler Breaks Cover to Talk OneWeb

STOTY Winner ThinKom Expands Antenna Tech to Meet Growing NGSO Demand

Final AEHF Launch Marks a Turning Point for DoD Space Acquisition

The World has Changed. It May Never be the Same Again.

SEOTY Winner Steve Collar Comes Full Circle as SES CEO

How Soon Until Private Chinese Launch Providers are Global Competitors?

NSR’s Top 10 Takeaways from SATELLITE 2020

Startup Space Winner TRAXyL CEO Finds the Road to Connectivity

Battle of the Billionaires

On Orbit Podcast Puts New Space Under the Microscope

Industry Leaders Weigh in on WRC-19, and What’s Next for Operators

Once the Domain of Billionaires, Space Investment Diversifies

Concerns Over Debris and Space Situational Awareness Abound as Space Activity Ramps Up

Billionaires Drive Dreams as Well as Business

From Prototyping to Production: 3D Printing for Space Comes into its Own

Managing Wildfires With Assistance From Satellites

Good Things in Small Packages

Sustainable Space: Utopian Dream or Reality?

Militarized Space: Investments in Capability

Beyond GEO: Major Operators Have A Multi-Orbit Focus

SATELLITE Attendees Take the Pulse of the Industry on the Show Floor

Loft Orbital, Planet Execs Stress Business Case for Smarter, Smaller Satellite Solutions

Satellite Manufacturers Tout Their Agility

U.S. Military Wants New Ways to Buy Satellites, Services

Existing Threats, Long-Term Opportunities Fuel the U.S. Space Force

What’s Driving Smallsat Growth in GEO?

Fiber Optic Cables Take Center Stage at Startup Space 2020

Ahead of His Time, Musk Brings the Rhyme to SATELLITE

Young and Experienced Professionals Reap the Benefits of Networking

Military Modernization Experts Push for Innovation, Collaboration, and Risk Taking

Where Are They Now? Startup Space Winners Look Back

Blockchain: The Next Big Disruptor in Space

UAE Space Agency Calls its Ambition 'Limitless'

Tech Execs Preview SATELLITE 2020

U.K. Analysts See Tipping Points for Incumbents and Disruptors

The Operators Speak Ahead of SATELLITE 2020

Accelerating Toward Space

L3Harris’ Fast-Forward Approach to Space Antenna Design

The 2019 Nominees for Satellite Technology of the Year

The Nominees for 2019 Satellite Executive of the Year

As we start a new decade, we take one final look at the year that was 2019 as we look to choose our latest Satellite Executive of the Year.

Transport Virtualization: The Necessary Change in Satellite Communications

The Story Behind One of Our Most Unlikely Features

The New, Holistic View of Space

Falling orders for large commercial GEO satellites have given rise to new business models, with manufacturers changing the way they see the industry.

Startup Space at SATELLITE 2020: Meet This Year's Contestants

The Power of Government as an Anchor Customer

Space Activity in LEO: What Does the Future Hold?

Heading into the LEO Revolution

Despite the recent demise of LeoSat, the LEO market continues on unabated, with many ambitious plays still underway. But who is launching what, and when?

Launchers Get Ready for the Small Satellite Gold Rush

The small satellite industry is set to flourish, but the availability of timely and cost-effective launch services remains a major bottleneck. Launch providers agree that the coming era will require new approaches.

The Revolution of the Roaring ‘20s: The Satellite Industry Comes of Age

It is all about Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) in this edition. LEO is the revolution that is happening in our industry, as numerous operators launch an unprecedented number of satellites.

Global FSS Satcom Operators Face Headwinds

The global satellite communications industry is undergoing rapid change today, with price declines, large increases in capacity volumes, and a general pivot of the satellite operator business model towards selling lots of Mbps, as opposed to relatively few MHz.

In Perfect Harmony: A Look Ahead at a “Satcom Enterprise” for 2020 – and Beyond

Little more than a year ago, in December 2018, satellite owner operators gathered with Air Force Space Command leaders in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to talk about the “holy grail” of military communications: a seamless architecture of networked commercial and government satellites.

SATELLITE 2020: Conference Program Preview

SATELLITE 2020 will be the 39th annual gathering of the world’s largest and most influential leaders in commercial space. The week-long conference and exhibition is designed to be a platform to share ideas, to educate the market on new technologies, to address the industry’s most critical challenges, and to reconnect the satellite community with its commercial, enterprise, and government customers.

LEO Advances on the Ground

Antenna and gateway technology will play a crucial role as the industry moves into the LEO era.

The Global Economy in the Next Decade — an Uncertain Future

The 2020s will be a decade of slowing economic growth, especially in the developed world. That means the emerging economies — particularly in Asia — will continue to represent an ever-growing proportion of the global economy. But the largely unforeseeable effects of accelerating technological advances and the more predictable impacts of climate change add complexity to the already fraught business of economic prediction.

VHTS: Soaring to Unprecedented Heights

The iteration of HTS systems promise big. Here’s a short list of high-profile developments in HTS from satellite manufacturers: Thales Alenia Space: Eutelsat Communications ordered a next-generation VHTS satellite system named Konnect VHTS in 2018 to support the development of its European fixed broadband and in-flight connectivity. The satellite, due to enter into service in 2021, weighs 6.3 tons and possesses a Ka-band capacity of 500 Gbps. Viasat: The company is currently working on ViaSat-3, a trio of ultra-high-capacity satellites which will deliver capacity over one terabit per second. There will be three ViaSat-3 class satellites: one over the Americas, a second over Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and a third over Asia Pacific (APAC). All three satellites will be on orbit by the end of calendar year 2022. Hughes: Building on the success of its Jupiter 2 HTS, Hughes is building out an ultra-high density satellite named JUPITER 3 (designated EchoStar XXIV), expected to launch in 2021. Inmarsat: Following the launch of its fifth Global XPress satellite — the GX5 satellite, built by Thales Alenia Space — in November, Inmarsat is planning to launch seven additional GX payloads over the coming four years. This includes two payloads dedicated to the Arctic region.

2020s: A New Decade in Satellite Infrastructure Flexibility

How O3b mPower Challenges the Conventional Wisdom of Satellite Networks

The Top 12 Satellite Events of 2019

From major acquisitions to key technological achievements, 2019 had a bit of everything. It was the year where space became a bigger part of the mainstream consciousness, as there were many momentous events. But, what were they and what was their significance?

Additive Manufacturing Will (and Should) Change Everything

What Will the 2020s Bring?

2019 Was a Big Year, 2020 Promises Even More

One Giant Leap: The Inspiration Today

Farewell Decade

Space 2.0: Taking AI Far Out

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on ground and on orbit may forge a new era of information, with only the most relevant data increasingly brought forward.

Via Satellite’s Top Student and Young Professional Achievements of 2019

The Software-Defined Future of Satellites

Unstable operators’ business cases together with advances in digital technology impel satellite manufacturers to provide software-defined solutions that would be cheaper and more flexible than traditional satellites.

Changing Times Signal New Issues for the Satellite Industry

The Growing Risk of a Major Satellite Cyber Attack

The third iteration of CyberSat begins in November, where members of the satellite, end user, and cyber communities will get together to discuss the threat landscape and vectors for a cybersecurity attack on satellites. We talk to some of experts of the CyberSat advisory board about major threats to the sector.

Bringing Broadband to Africa

Space Debris and Mt. Everest

5G May Be the Future, but 4G is Now

The satellite industry is reaching a tipping point in the business model it uses to sell connectivity to mobile networks. As costs have tumbled, and technological advances have driven up bandwidth and quality, demand from mobile operators is rising. And increasingly, that demand is driven, not by regulatory requirements or government subsidies, but by profit — mobile operators can make money using cellular backhaul to reach new consumers with premium-priced 4G services.

The Dish on Ergen’s 5G Masterstroke

Why Upstream Energy is Spending Again

Luxury Yachts Always Want More Bandwidth

Lowering the cost of services seems to be the mantra of satcom providers, but there is one segment that bucks the trend. In luxury yachting, money is not an issue, and all the customer wants is a better, faster service.

Trends and Applications of AI in Space

Tackling Insecurity in GNSS

Conversations in Paris Offer a Number of Talking Points

Congratulations to Telesat, 50 Years Young

ABS, Spacecom, and StarOne CEOs Outline CapEx Visions

The satellite industry is in a state of flux. The numbers of new GEO satellites being ordered is reaching all-time lows. The question is how will operators around the world react to these changes. While the big operator’s strategies are well-known, how will the second tier of satellite operators look to grow their businesses in this challenging environment? Here we talk to some operators to find out.

Telesat CEO: This is How We Are Going to Stay Ahead

When it Comes to Antennas, it’s All About Price

Finding Success in the “Everything” Vertical

Say Hello to the Post-GEO World? Not so Fast

The flurry of plans and aspirations for Low-Earth Orbit constellations are very real, yet, the ground segment is taking a more down-to-earth stance, with amplifier manufacturers still seeing longevity in the Geostationary Orbit satellite market.

A Roadmap for Incredible IFC

IFC in Mainland China: Will Reality Live Up to the Hype?

The Coming of Space Tourism

As the world looks to the stars to test technology, advance science, and build an economic engine to get to the moon and beyond, space tourism will play an important role. But, giving private citizens the view of a lifetime comes at a cost. What are the risks and the opportunities? Via Space asks early movers to share how they see the industry unfolding — as a new space race takes hold, driven not by governments, but by visionary entrepreneurs seeking to make space accessible to everyone.

12 Low-Cost Steps to Strengthen Your Security in Space

Via Satellite is No More (At Least Temporarily)

Keeping Space Tidy: Industry Steps Up Junk Management Efforts

The number of satellites in orbit is expected to rise considerably in the upcoming decade. More satellites mean more debris and that means a greater risk of collisions. The space industry is therefore looking for ways to safeguard space operations for years to come.

The Lunar Economy: From Vision to Reality

If you were to write an article about the “lunar economy” a few years ago, most people would have thought you were watching too many science fiction movies — or, were just a little crazy. But with the industry’s acceleration over the past several years, it seems as the development of a lunar economy will happen within our lifetimes.

Blue Origin CEO Talks Space Ambitions

SATELLITE 2020’s New “Co-Lab” Event Puts Space Debris Center-Stage

Via Satellite's Tech Focus Report: 100th Unfurlable Mesh Reflector Marks Industry Milestone

From supporting military operations to enabling communications in remote areas of the world, Harris’ space antenna reflector solutions have had far-reaching global impact over the past four decades. Most recently, the company is celebrating production of its 100th unfurlable mesh reflector, unmatched on-orbit success and design options, and the spirit of innovation that is enabling Harris to meet evolving customer needs.

Fast Forward: How to Win the Race for Business Opportunity

How will satellite operators and service providers harness the power of current and future capacity to most efficiently run their networks and capitalize on growth opportunities? The answer hinges on three factors.

HTS: Gauging the Impact

Now that satellite operators have some experience operating HTS systems, the time is right to review applications that best lend themselves to HTS services, the impact HTS systems are having on the overall market, and the actual financial performance of HTS systems against pre-launch projections.

Ground Segment 2.0: Making the Most of Space

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) have ushered in a major overhaul of ground infrastructure. Addressing the new principles of satellite design and the requirements that go with it, ground segment players have created tools that are as cutting-edge as they are crucial to delivering HTS’ promise.

SmallSats: Change Agents from the Ground Up

SmallSats are spurring innovation across the industry including on the ground segment, which will ultimately influence all operators, regardless of size.

Broadcasters Ready to Move Faster into 4K

With new 4K channels being launched in Europe, the broadcast industry has made a significant breakthrough. Key players are expecting to see swelling demand in Ultra-HD.

The Coming Wave of Maritime VSAT Growth

A new wave of technology and service innovation is set to make VSAT more affordable and easier to install, while delivering greater business value.

Emerging Space Powers: The Leaders of Tomorrow

Space is no longer the domain of a few powerful nations. Every year new countries are launching satellites of their own for everything from telecommunications to Earth observation and space exploration. Via Satellite spoke with five of the top emerging space agencies in the world, and listened to leaders as they detailed their vision for the future.

Inmarsat Exec Talks About Operator’s Role in Search for MH370

On Saturday March 8, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370) took off from Kuala Lumpur heading to Beijing. No one knows the fate of the aircraft and the 239 people (227 passengers and 12 crew) on board or what actually happened; but Inmarsat came to the spotlight by providing vital information for the search. In an exclusive interview with Via Satellite, Mark Dickinson VP of satellite operations at Inmarsat, reveals the intense story behind the search for MH370.

Remote Education Case Studies: The Satellite Connectivity Play

In many corners of the world, students are getting a better quality of education due to the influence of satellite technology. We explore satellite’s important role connecting students to the materials that enable them to better prepare for the future.

Information Age: Bringing Space Down to Earth

Similar to the telegraph, telephone and radio before them, communication satellites have transformed humankind's ability to share information around the globe. At the forefront of the space-based telecommunications revolution is Lockheed Martin's A2100 satellite platform.

Ultra-HD: Coming to a Screen Near You

Ultra-HD, or 4K, is no longer a mere talking point. Once far off on the digital horizon, 4K is quickly rising to become the preferred format for watching video. Now, on the precipice of true recognition in several parts of the world, consumers are warming to even higher quality video, and industry is hurrying to provide it.

Daring to Disrupt: Mark Dankberg's Path in Satellite

Mark Dankberg is one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the satellite sector and his company ViaSat has been pushing boundaries in the industry over the last three decades. We take a different look at the ViaSat story and find out how Dankberg found himself at the center of the satellite sector as one of the key voices in the industry.

Emerging Markets: A Goldmine for Cellular Backhaul

In terms of growth markets for satellite, cellular backhaul frequently comes up in conversations. Via Satellite reached out to a multitude of end users to see whether the demands for capacity in this market are as strong as the satellite industry hope they are, and whether it will live up to the hype.

SES + SpaceX: Shaking the Industry to its Roots

SES and SpaceX made history with the launch of the SES 8 satellite — the first GTO mission fro SpaceX ever. At a stroke, SpaceX has now become a legitimate force in the launch services industry.