Congratulations to Telesat, 50 Years Young

Our September edition is always one of the highlights of the year, as we get ready for the fall and more discussions about where the industry is heading. In this edition, we conduct an exclusive interview with the CEO of Telesat, Dan Goldberg, who talks about the operator’s 50-year anniversary, as well as how the past is shaping an exciting future. With an ambitious LEO constellation in the pipeline, Telesat could be one of the key new winners.

Speaking of new eras, it is often a term used to define the broadcast market. The likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have disrupted the market far more than most imagined. DTH remains strong in many markets in the world — even if trendy new things like 3D TV and 4K haven’t taken off the way industry may have hoped.

With a number of operators still relying on these revenues, diversification away from broadcast will take time, and the hope is that these markets will remain strong. This is often a big question for industry: What are these new verticals for satellite services? With hundreds of satellites going up, who are these new waves of buyers for satellite capacity? I am still not convinced I have a heard decent answer to this question, but I am excited to see what kinds of deals operators will be doing over the next few years. My colleague Jeff Hill takes a look at this question in this edition of Via Satellite.

We hope you enjoyed last month’s edition of Via Satellite, or should I say, Via Space. With space rapidly becoming part of the mainstream, it was great to bring you something different. As we get ready for an intense trade show run with the likes of World Satellite Business Week, IBC, and the World Aviation Festival, we look forward to meeting you and start thinking about the topics and conversations that will shape the industry in 2020. VS

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