OneWeb Makes Headlines Once Again

The satellite industry has seen a number of huge stories this year. The latest of these has been the United Kingdom's significant investment into OneWeb and potential plans to use the satellites for its own navigation services. It is yet another twist in an ongoing story that has gripped the satellite sector over the last few months. No doubt when Greg Wyler founded OneWeb, he could not have imagined it being used in such a way. It is certainly not connecting the other four billion as originally intended.

In this edition, we have a major spotlight on space-based healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many industries to reset and restructure. Most of us are taking more than a passing interest in the future of healthcare given what is going on. What perhaps is not widely known is the impact the space industry could have on these future systems. We talk to a series of top medical professionals about what a space-based ecosystem could look like, and their responses are fascinating.

Speaking of important markets, my colleague Rachel Jewett takes a look at the imaging market which has been a hive of innovation in recent times. The importance of data and imaging has never been as important as it is now, and we talk to a number of key players in the market about where it goes next, and how these companies can help sectors far and wide improve the state of their businesses.

On a more technology-focused note, Jeff Hill looks at technology in Earth Stations in Motion (ESIMs) and how these are being modernized to cater for different customer needs. There is perhaps more innovation going on here than you would think.

By the time, you have read this, we will have put on another virtual event, Cell Backhaul Week, bringing the satellite and telecoms worlds together for a unique event which boasts an impressive speaker lineup. Virtual events are going to become part of the landscape, and this one features a particularly relevant topic. We wish you to stay safe and healthy and we will see you next month.

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