Billionaires Drive Dreams as Well as Business

The way we view space could dramatically change during the current decade. For example, by the end of the 2020s, space tourism may be a perfectly normal, thriving business in which many take part. Space tourism will be a fascinating industry to see develop over the next few years.

We now work in an industry where many of the biggest name CEOs have ambitious strategies at play. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson believe in a future in space and are using their financial muscle and brilliant teams to execute on their grand plans. In this edition, we look at the space industry’s most well-known billionaires to see how they are changing the landscape, and where their ambitious strategies could go next.

And then there is the issue of sustainable space. As more satellites go up, more concerns around space debris come to the surface. While the industry talks a good game of being responsible in space — is it talking a better game than it is actually delivering? Personally, I have doubts, but I hope I am wrong.

We also take another look at the impact 3D printing could have on the satellite and space industry. 3D printing threatens a different type of revolution, as it aims to bring levels of efficiency and scale not previously seen in the industry.

Much of this Via Space issue deals with the future, a future in which space becomes even more part of our daily lives than it has been before. Via Space is now a vital part of our editorial calendar, and we hope you enjoy our expanded and greater coverage of all things space.

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