Looking Back on the Seismic Year That Was 2020

At the start of this year, we could not have imagined our last edition of Via Satellite would be the end of such a tumultuous year for all of us in the industry. I am sometimes at a loss for words to describe all that we have gone through this year, on a personal and professional level.

I recently attended another virtual event this week, Euroconsult’s excellent World Satellite Business Week Virtual Edition. I was very interested in the satellite industry’s view of the In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) market which as we know has been a huge target for the industry over the last few years. I was struck how different the approaches are becoming here, particularly between SES and Intelsat. I was also struck that despite aviation going through a tough time, the satellite players still have a huge belief in this market and its ability to bounce back. Intelsat’s Gogo acquisition was definitely one of the most interesting deals of the year, and a fascinating strategic bet on Intelsat’s part.

This edition, the final edition of the year, looks at the industry through a slightly different lens. My colleague Rachel Jewett reviews the key events for the industry in 2020, and there were many. Jeff Hill looks at which satellite executives to watch in 2021, and I preview what new technologies some companies might be bringing to the party next year.

I realized recently I have now been home a full 12 months since my last business trip — it’s been a crazy year. Yet it is always our privilege to serve this community and we continue to wish you the best of health as we look forward to hopefully a much better 2021.

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