Partnerships are Key to Satellite’s Future

We are already almost half way through the year and there is a mood of cautious optimism that is prevailing. More of us are getting vaccinated and we can now all see a path back to some kind of normality, even if it is going to take longer than we all originally hoped.

We have just concluded our SATELLITE 2021: EMEA + Asia Digital Forum which again echoed the themes of partnership, cooperation, and collaboration within the industry as we look to reduce digital divides. As we look to build sustainable and more equal societies going forward, using technologies such as satellite will be key to enable these visions.

In this edition of Via Satellite, we talk about the U.S. military play in LEO. This is a fascinating subject. Everybody in our industry it seems is talking LEO, but how is the U.S. military working to develop its capabilities here? Vivienne Machi takes a look at this for us.

We all know that the satellite industry is placing a big bet on In-Flight Connectivity (IFC), even though aviation continues to be one of the hardest hit industries over the last 12 to 18 months. Kerry Reals takes a look at the state of play in the IFC market and how and when airlines might look to invest in next generation capabilities.

My colleague Jeff Hill previews one of the most exciting space events on the calendar, the Future Space Forum where a number of new companies look to pitch for new funding. There are a number of companies to look out for here, and we preview the entrants for this year’s event. It is an exciting glimpse into satellite’s future.

We are now gearing up our preparations for SATELLITE 2021 in National Harbor, Maryland in September. We have missed seeing and networking with the community face-to-face. We continue to wish you, your colleagues, your loved ones all the best. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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