Via Satellite's Tech Focus Report: 100th Unfurlable Mesh Reflector Marks Industry Milestone

From supporting military operations to enabling communications in remote areas of the world, Harris’ space antenna reflector solutions have had far-reaching global impact over the past four decades. Most recently, the company is celebrating production of its 100th unfurlable mesh reflector, unmatched on-orbit success and design options, and the spirit of innovation that is enabling Harris to meet evolving customer needs.

Fast Forward: How to Win the Race for Business Opportunity

How will satellite operators and service providers harness the power of current and future capacity to most efficiently run their networks and capitalize on growth opportunities? The answer hinges on three factors.

HTS: Gauging the Impact

Now that satellite operators have some experience operating HTS systems, the time is right to review applications that best lend themselves to HTS services, the impact HTS systems are having on the overall market, and the actual financial performance of HTS systems against pre-launch projections.

Ground Segment 2.0: Making the Most of Space

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) have ushered in a major overhaul of ground infrastructure. Addressing the new principles of satellite design and the requirements that go with it, ground segment players have created tools that are as cutting-edge as they are crucial to delivering HTS’ promise.

SmallSats: Change Agents from the Ground Up

SmallSats are spurring innovation across the industry including on the ground segment, which will ultimately influence all operators, regardless of size.

The Coming Wave of Maritime VSAT Growth

A new wave of technology and service innovation is set to make VSAT more affordable and easier to install, while delivering greater business value.

Broadcasters Ready to Move Faster into 4K

With new 4K channels being launched in Europe, the broadcast industry has made a significant breakthrough. Key players are expecting to see swelling demand in Ultra-HD.

Emerging Space Powers: The Leaders of Tomorrow

Space is no longer the domain of a few powerful nations. Every year new countries are launching satellites of their own for everything from telecommunications to Earth observation and space exploration. Via Satellite spoke with five of the top emerging space agencies in the world, and listened to leaders as they detailed their vision for the future.

Inmarsat Exec Talks About Operator’s Role in Search for MH370

On Saturday March 8, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370) took off from Kuala Lumpur heading to Beijing. No one knows the fate of the aircraft and the 239 people (227 passengers and 12 crew) on board or what actually happened; but Inmarsat came to the spotlight by providing vital information for the search. In an exclusive interview with Via Satellite, Mark Dickinson VP of satellite operations at Inmarsat, reveals the intense story behind the search for MH370.

Remote Education Case Studies: The Satellite Connectivity Play

In many corners of the world, students are getting a better quality of education due to the influence of satellite technology. We explore satellite’s important role connecting students to the materials that enable them to better prepare for the future.

Information Age: Bringing Space Down to Earth

Similar to the telegraph, telephone and radio before them, communication satellites have transformed humankind's ability to share information around the globe. At the forefront of the space-based telecommunications revolution is Lockheed Martin's A2100 satellite platform.

Ultra-HD: Coming to a Screen Near You

Ultra-HD, or 4K, is no longer a mere talking point. Once far off on the digital horizon, 4K is quickly rising to become the preferred format for watching video. Now, on the precipice of true recognition in several parts of the world, consumers are warming to even higher quality video, and industry is hurrying to provide it.

Daring to Disrupt: Mark Dankberg's Path in Satellite

Mark Dankberg is one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the satellite sector and his company ViaSat has been pushing boundaries in the industry over the last three decades. We take a different look at the ViaSat story and find out how Dankberg found himself at the center of the satellite sector as one of the key voices in the industry.

Emerging Markets: A Goldmine for Cellular Backhaul

In terms of growth markets for satellite, cellular backhaul frequently comes up in conversations. Via Satellite reached out to a multitude of end users to see whether the demands for capacity in this market are as strong as the satellite industry hope they are, and whether it will live up to the hype.

SES + SpaceX: Shaking the Industry to its Roots

SES and SpaceX made history with the launch of the SES 8 satellite — the first GTO mission fro SpaceX ever. At a stroke, SpaceX has now become a legitimate force in the launch services industry.