Via Satellite

Space to Deliver your Vision

With one satellite in operation, a second due for launch soon and the construction of it’s own teleport, it promises to be a busy few years for Es’hailSat.

Es’hailSat, The Qatar Satellite Company, was established in 2010 as an independent company to manage and develop Qatar’s presence in space. Since the launch of Es’hail-1, Qatar’s first satellite, Es’hailSat has grown to become a key player for satellite communications in the MENA region.

Premium Content on Es’hail-1

With premium content on board, Es’hail-1 demonstrates the value of our offering not only in terms of technical capabilities and performance but also in terms of independence and security of content. beIN Sports, our anchor customer on Es’hail-1, launched a number of HD entertainment channels over the last year and also broadcast the Euro 2016 Live in 4K to customers across MENA. Al Jazeera commenced transmission of a new HD channels on Es’hail-1, making 25.5°E a true hotspot for quality high definition channels.


We plan to provide additional premium satellite capacity in the MENA region with the expansion of the Es’hailSat fleet. Es’hail-2, a second high-powered, advanced satellite will further boost broadband delivery, broadcasting and global connectivity for Qatar and the entire MENA region. To be positioned at the 26°E hotspot, it’s footprint will cover the Middle East and North Africa.

New Teleport for MENA

The new Es’hailSat state-of-the-art teleport will provide satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) and capacity management, together with a wide range of teleport services such as uplink, downlink, multiplexing, encoding, playout and broadcasting, tailored for our customers and business partners. The high-tech teleport will also provide back-up studios for TV channels and serve as a disaster recovery facility for broadcasters.

Future Expansion

Having both Ku-band and Ka-band capacity at the 25.5°E and 26°E hotspot locations enables us to provide the region with the most advanced and sophisticated services including broadcast, telecommunications and broadband. With aspirations to be a global player in the satellite arena, our expansion plan will continue with more new satellites in prime hotspot locations offering our customers the most flexible and reliable services, through partnerships with leading regional and international satellite operators around the globe.