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Satellites and Industrial Internet of Things: The Burning Question

I was at London Technology Week recently and one of the panels was talking about future leaders in technology and how institutions like Harvard are helping new graduates with their big new ideas in tech. What struck me, and I don’t think I am saying anything new here, is that Millennials (for lack of a better term) are some of the most ambitious people in the world right now. They want to solve global issues, reduce digital divides, help eradicate poverty and provide hope to people where previously there was none.

What was interesting, and maybe a little unexpected, was hearing people from this famed institutions specifically use the word satellite on more than one occasion. Satellite technology has become one of the poster children for this generation to look into solving these big global problems. As we talk of smaller satellites, resusable rockets, faster access to space, it seems satellite will have vital role in this almost post industrial revolution.

It is an exciting time for business as we move into this Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) era. As an editor, it is difficult to get my head around some of the ideas that are fast coming reality. For example, autonomous vehicles in urban settings still seems the stuff of sci-fi to me. But it is happening, and the way satellites are used could fundamentally change over the next few years.

Coincidentally, in this edition we talk to our Generation Next Advisory Board about what the industry can do better to attract new talent as the satellite industry looks forward to a prosperous future in this IIOT era. And speaking of exciting future markets, we also look at 5G in this edition, a market that has long been touted by the satellite industry as a vital one. Our Executive Editor, Jeffrey Hill, went to a recent 5G event in Texas and spoke to a number of key executives from wireless operators about their plans for 5G — it is a great read. VS