Via Space and On Orbit Examples of How We Are Evolving

It has been quite a month and in this edition of Via Satellite, we talk to a number of winners of our coveted awards including Satellite Executive of the Year (SEOTY) and Satellite Technology of the Year (STOTY), as well as our Startup Space winner.

However, in this editorial note, I don’t want to dwell on SATELLITE 2019 (as brilliant as it was), but talk about the exciting new things we are doing. In the next edition, Via Satellite will be no more — but only for one edition. We are launching “Via Space,” as we take a look at things we traditionally have not covered in Via Satellite — including things like lunar exploration and space tourism. With so much excitement around space, we wanted to capture that in a new edition which will have a very different look and feel to the content we have traditionally done. We are super excited to bring it to you and hope you like Via Space as much as Via Satellite.

While on the subject of exciting new content, I also want to mention that Via Satellite (in particular, Jeffrey Hill) are doing some fantastic podcasts where we talk to some key movers and shakers within the satellite and space industry. The podcasts are called On Orbit, and you can follow On Orbit on Twitter at @OnOrbitPodcast.

On Orbit and Via Space are examples of Via Satellite’s editorial team looking beyond the norm to provide you exciting content in different formats and flavors, as we continue to look to serve this community. We hope you will enjoy this great new content, and I would be excited to hear both your feedback on our podcasts as well as our first edition of Via Space, — hopefully a sign of things to come. VS

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